Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A very warm welcome to all students for


Most of you have never taken a generic learning skills course before, let alone a learning skills course for university studies. What is the rationale for a university studies learning skills course? Perhaps the foremost reason for such a course is many students experience culture shock in the course of crossing the interface between school and university. Unlike the school which emphasises rote learning and the didactic pedagogical approach, the university expects students to be independent self-learners and develop higher order thinking skills.

Wawasan Open University (WOU) reopens the door to adult learners who for various reasons had exited formal education at the pre-university level. In WOU, you will learn how to manage and balance your study, family life and career effectively. The education system of WOU is based on open and distance learning (ODL). The philosophy of ODL is to remove barriers to education and allow learners to study according to their time, pace and place. ODL is made possible by the use of information and communication technology.

This course has been designed to share with you some of the most powerful and proven tools that can enhance your learning not just at WOU, but in life as well. The purpose of Learning Skills is not to teach you what to learn but how to learn.

WawasanLearn, WOU’s learning management system, is an integral component of your learning. Besides the course material in CD format you have received and the tutorial and other learning support services at the regional and learning centres, you have to regularly visit and take part in WawasanLearn. This is your home to a large virtual community, where you interact with other students, tutors, course coordinators and other university staff. Through this website, you can get to read the latest announcements, news and other information about your course specifically, and the university in general. Through the e-forums, you will talk to and discuss academic issues and topics with your fellow students, friends, tutors and course coordinators. There are also plenty of other online activities and resources.

Some of you may not be confident of your computer and Internet skills. If so, there is no need to worry. Ask your friends, fellow students, tutors and our regional centre staff. I am sure everyone will be happy to help you. In a few weeks you will be as good as others, and happily logging into and taking part in the WawasanLearn.

I believe that at the end of this semester, you will be well equipped with powerful tools that will make your learning at WOU pleasant, successful and meaningful. Let us keep in constant communication with each other, through e-forums, emails and phone calls.

Good luck to all!  


Loo Seng Piew
Course Coordinator

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